The Escontrias family legacy is one rich in history.  A legacy is something you leave behind. This book is dedicated to my family in honor of all they have left behind in the form of what they have taught us. Many times we think that those we love will live forever and that we have all the time in the world to record family stories. I will forever regret not taking more time to record our family history. I have learned that each person is a living book filled with endless stories….a virtual wealth of information.

     My hope is that some of our oral history will be recorded in this book and that our history will live on forever in the generations to come. This book contains stories handed down from generations gathered from the personal memories of my parents. Thus, this book is dedicated to my parents, Carlos and Maria Escontrias, who will live on forever in our memories. Carlos and Maria were the best parents anyone could ask for and they will live forever in my heart.
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