Growing up in far west Texas, in a town named El Paso, we have a lot of hidden treasures.  Hueco Tanks is one the most untapped jewels that only a few El Pasoans know they own.  “The Escontrias Family Legacy: A Very Personal Family Journey” is the personal narrative and account of the family who lived and loved at Hueco Tanks.    This book chronicles the family that selflessly donated land for the community of El Paso and Socorro resulting in building Escontrias Elementary School.  This is the narrative that chronicles the life of Carlos and Maria Escontrias and their surrounding family.  Irma Escontrias Sanchez provides insight to a loving family that deeply cared and loved one another with pictures and historical documents.  This book is highly recommended!
Sandra Larios-Torres
Eastwood Knolls Librarian
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I have been privileged to work at Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site, formerly part of the Escontrias family’s ranch and now managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, for 17 years. I was also blessed to have known Mary and Charlie Escontrias in their later years. In my view, The Escontrias Family Legacy: A Very Personal Family Journey truly captures the spirit of both the place and the family. This is not what most would think of as a “history book” in the conventional sense: the welcoming and approachable text treats the reader like part of the family, and the many priceless photographs also bring the book to life.  Reading Irma Escontrias Sanchez’s book will enlighten you about her family’s role in local history. It just might also inspire you to begin a family history of your own.
Wanda Olszewski


Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site

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